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Rugged and complex engineering projects.

From single equipment to complete installation.

Functional, durable and highly reliable solutions.

Design and production according to requested international standards.

Highly qualified team, with engineers, designers and technicians.

Since 1979 a totally Brazilian company,with worldwide presence.



Conveyors for mining and cement industries

Supply of belt conveyors for handling minerals, fertilizers, petcoke, fines, including enclosed Pipe Conveyors, besides chain conveyors and briquetting plants.



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Woodyards and biomass hardling


Forestry based industries and energy co-generation with sugarcane bagasse and other biomasses

Supply of handling, storage and processing equipment for wood (logs, woodchips, bark, biomass, sawdust, etc) for Pulp and Paper processes, woodboard (MDF, OSB, HDF, etc). We also supply complete handling and storage facilities for other types of biomass (all wood residues, sugarcane bagasse, amongst others) for Power Boilers feeding, furnaces and Thermo electrical Power Plants.

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